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The Well Groomed Difference

We all understand that finding time to take your pet to the Groomers in today’s day and age is easier said than done, so why not have your pet groomed on your own schedule and in your own home? 


Don't trust just anyone with your pets needs.

Brianna & Bryan are both veterinary technicians, pet first aid certified and insured with over 10 years experience in the veterinary industry. Brianna is a certified groomer and a member of the Ontario Dog Groomers Association.

Most mobile groomers with vans use recycled water and cage dryers, which can cause skin irritation and frighten most pets. Taking your pet to the groomer can be just as problematic as it can cause issues like stress, car sickness, and separation anxiety.   

That’s where Well Groomed Mobile comes in!

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Well Groomed Mobile was created as a different approach to grooming pets for everyone from stay at home moms, seniors, people and pets with disabilities, easily stressed pets, farm dogs, or pets that just don’t travel well.

Well Groomed Mobile is open 7 days a week, with mornings and evenings available to help accommodate for those busy schedules.  Now sit back and watch your pet be as relaxed as can be while they are being groomed in their own home – in front of you - stress free. Well Groomed Mobile provides all the latest equipment brought into your house including the table, dryer, clippers, scissors, towels and shampoos; you just provide the bathing space.

With Well Groomed Mobile you can request standard breed cuts and styles, or choose the style and cut that best suits you and your furry friend. We will be sure to provide you with the very best of service for your four legged family member making the grooming experience for you and your pet more personable.

There is more to dog walking then simply putting your pet on a leash and taking them outside. At Well Groomed Mobile we love dogs, being outside, walking in all types of weather! 


We understand that it is important for your pet’s health both mentally a physically to be walked once to twice a day to burn off that energy, sniff out those good spots, and also get in a good bathroom break. 


A lot of our clients have their pets walked and groomed in the same day to make sure they have gone out and played but then gotten all cleaned up for when you come home!

Well Groomed Mobile wanted to make sure we provide the another desperately needed service of pet sitting. We are experienced pet owners, and vet technician’s that feel confident in looking after your pet when you’re not there. 

We will not charge you extra for medication dosing or for the little things that you want done for your pet that are unique to them and you. We want you to know that your pet is having the time of their life with us while you are out doing what you must do.

Raising Money For National Cupcake Day

I want to thank all the staff at Global Pet Foods, my family and friends, and all the wonderful people of Collingwood; we couldn’t have done it without you!

We were able to host our cupcake party at the Global Pet Foods and sell homemade and delicious ‘Beer Battered Maple Bacon Cupcakes’ to raise money for the OSPCA.  This year Well Groomed Mobile raised $225.00 for the Georgian Triangle Humane Society here in Collingwood and we couldn’t be happier! 

Because of all the generous donations, we were able to gain the badge of ‘Bakers Assistant’ and almost got the ‘Professional Baker’ badge.  Next year our goal is to shoot for the ‘Expert Baker’ badge and raise $500.00!

It was a pleasure meeting so many animal lovers here in town that are just as passionate about helping pets in need as we are!  I can not wait to see what next year brings and hope everyone has a wonderful year!

bakers assistant national cupcake badge

Honored to be Readers Choice 2021 Diamond Winner

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