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  • Brianna Ellis

Christmas With Covid

Of course, the most common question right now is, “Do you have any availability before Christmas?”. When a Groomer tells you that they only have whatever date and time they offer you, that means that that is the earliest availability they have. This also means that - yes, the Groomer is aware that you want your pet to look their finest for Santa and pictures.

This year is a weird one and that is thanks too wonderful COVID-19. Not only did this make restrictions on working impossible, narrow down the number of dogs that can be groomed per day, but also jam packed a Groomer’s schedule until February 2021!

The number of precautions that need to be taken right now are extremely high, especially as the North creeped into a red zone this week. This also means that a lot of Groomers including this one – must screen clients and make sure that they are taking precautions as well. I get asked on a regular basis how I am keeping myself and the client safe during COVID. I know I am super careful with cleaning my equipment, wearing a mask the entire groom, asking clients to wear a mask the entire groom, and being the only one who touches the equipment. I make sure to keep a 6ft distance from myself and the client and make sure to hand sanitize before the groom, during and after.

The important message to take out of all of this, is that please be kind to your Groomer. You should be kind to everyone, especially during the Christmas season, however, please be extra kind to your Groomer.

They are trying their hardest to fit you in, they understand that the pet is in dire straights right now, and they know that you need them done for Christmas.

Everyone stay safe and have a very Merry Christmas!

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