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  • Brianna Ellis

Let’s Cut Right to The Chase About Drying

Owners ask me all the time what takes so long at the Groomers that when they are dropping off their pet, they would return to pick them up hours later? Well not only is that because there is a system in the salon to make it efficient but also because your pet takes forever to dry!

Even small dogs take about 30-45 minutes to fully dry, and I mean fully dry. A Groomer needs the fur to be dry, skin to be dry and the hair to be crispy. This will not dry out your pet’s skin or cause dandruff. This is because it will optimize the outcome of the styling, be much easier on the pet’s skin as there is no pulling, and the clippers go through like butter.

How does this relate to Holistic Grooming you ask? The way that you dry the pet is what makes it holistic. In many salons they must use cage dryers to make the system work efficiently and quicker. In holistic grooming we use a handheld force dryer, which allows us to control the temperature, air speed, and the comfort of your pet. Small tiny circles of each section of the dog while you run a brush and your fingers through it all adds up.

As a in home mobile Groomer, I spend most of my time on the floor with a dog -usually in my lap, while I dry them. To me this tells me that the pet is comfortable and feels safe. They may not love the dryer, but they are tolerating it and trust me, which is my main priority.

Next time you judge your Groomer about the length of time your pet is taking to be groomed, just remember, oh the drying.

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