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  • Brianna Ellis

Lets Talk Ears, Teeth and Nails

How could a pet not find having their ears cleaned, teeth brushed, and nails trimmed not traumatic to some degree? These three grooming essentials are so important to your pet’s health and seem to always be overlooked. Here is the best way to approach these necessary routines with your pet in a Groomers eye.

Make sure that your pet is comfortable somewhere and that you can get down to their level. Pets tend to feel much more secure and trustworthy when you are at their level. Talk to your pet and explain what you’re doing and that everything will be okay. Keeping a gentle, calming, positive voice consistently is key to helping you get these tasks done.

Follow the instructions laid out on the bottles, packaging, by your Vet or by your Groomer. Go slow and remember that if you can do it on yourself, you can do it on your pet.

A holistic Groomers approach is doing these essentials slowly, gently and keeping communication with the pet. You can read the signs of your pets’ eyes, ears, and body language. If they seem like they are in pain, always stop as they could have an infection and you could be making it worse! If they just do not like it, work on it together and find a way to get them used to it and have some fun. Brushing teeth and ear cleaning can be messy for sure, but it can also feel so good to the pet too.

Nail trimming is always tricky and if you are uncomfortable that is fully understandable. Maybe next time the Vet or your Groomer is trimming the nails you should ask to watch and see how to do it so you can maintain it at home. The main problem that happens with nail trimming is that they go way to long before they are done. Most pets go 8 weeks for their grooming appointments and two nail trims could have been done in this period of time, so keep that in mind.

Following a routine of these cleanings and trimmings and this will also allow you to know how your pets health is doing. You will know all the answers when you take your pet in for their check up to the Vet.

Remember, don’t wait for your Groomer to come, and do these for your pet. Try to maintain them at home to the best of your ability and your pet will thank you!

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