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  • Brianna Ellis


Holistic grooming has a lot to do with TRUST. Grooming in general has a lot to do with trust but specifically holistic grooming is geared towards trust with pets.

The relationship between an owner and a pet needs trust. The relationship between a Groomer and a client need trust. The relationship between a pet and a Groomer needs trust. Trust allows comfort and confidence which provides a stress-free environment. These are all huge components of holistic grooming.

It is so important that one of my clients trusts me with their pet. Not only for the esthetics of their pet and knowing what style they like, but also knowing that I will treat their pet with compassion. I trust my clients to be honest and open with me about the well being of their pet and to care more about the pets’ feelings than how long and fluffy their coat is.

Gaining the trust of a pet is the most rewarding feeling in the world. Especially when they are fearful of a part of the process of grooming but then one day they are not shaking, not whimpering, and enjoying the experience – best reward in the world! A lot of my clients have pets that are anxious and do not do well with grooming, but they are shocked when they see the difference in their pet after being groomed at home with holistic style grooming. The pets are happy, stress free and so excited to show them their new do.

It is so important to make sure that there is trust in our relationships with work, home, and everyday pet life.

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