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  • Brianna Ellis

Don’t Compare Ex’s

Your previous Groomer is not your current Groomer right? This is either because your previous Groomer retired, moved, or did something that possibly led you to wanting to get another one.

You need to respect the fact that your new Groomer is capable of everything your old one was, but you must give them a chance and do not breathe down their neck about your old one.

For example, times have really changed when it comes to grooming pets. From the equipment we use to the time it takes to complete grooms. The styles and the process are now completely different than it once was because we have adapted to make things better for the pet’s fur, their experience and the time it takes to do these grooms. Yes, I understand that your previous Groomer may have had a method to their madness as you will, but your new Groomer does too and will get the job done the same way you like it, but their way.

This leads into the next issue with comparing your ex-Groomer to your current, you need to let them know what you want the dog to look like before criticizing the job done by the new Groomer. Make sure that you explain what you prefer for the ears, tail, length, paws, legs, and face, otherwise a Groomer assumes that it is the breed cut or a seasonal cut. You also must be gentle and realize that the dog may not be in the right condition to have this groom completed. Meaning the fur must be in good condition, the dog must have patience to deal with a clipper to their face or scissors to achieve a desired look, etc. All in all, you have to communicate with your Groomer and this isn’t by saying, ‘well my old Groomer just knew’, or ‘well my old groomer would just know how to cut this breed’. These are the responses that will get everything muddled up for the communication between you and your Groomer.

Lastly and most important, please respect the career, process, and price that your Groomer tells you. A lot of salons have set prices for timing, coats, conditions, and breeds and the Groomer is simply reiterating the price laid out by their boss. Please do not say that your previous Groomer would do this cut for $20-$40 less than what you quoted because that also could be the age of the Grooming. Meaning your previous Groomer may have been cutting your dogs hair 10 years ago or from the inside of their house and had a special deal with you, but now the Groomer you are going too has a different price. This price is not higher because the Groomer feels like cheating you out, it is because products cost a lot of money, equipment costs a lot of money and some of these grooms take a lot of time and skill from a Groomer.

Long story short to all of this is please do not compare your Groomer to your Ex-Groomer!

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