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  • Brianna Ellis

Why Choose Holistic Grooming

Holistic grooming means real love for every aspect of grooming, meaning the good the bad and the messy. From greeting the pet to the kisses and wagging tail you get as you leave.

Making the pets comfort your priority means that you have to get into contortions, get messy and slow things down. Taking the time to gain the trust from the pet to do brushing, bathing, drying, clipping and scissoring is a huge ordeal. Lets face it, grooming is not a natural thing a pet would feel comfortable with. The loud noises, a stranger man handling them, air blowing on them, and the worst - having their feet and bums touched.

It is a groomers job to help them understand that these things can be fun, relaxing and enjoyable. As a Holistic Groomer sometimes this means awkward positions with a painful back, getting wet, and going over my allotted time for the groom. This means letting the pet find a comfortable position before I do. This means finding a different way than the typical way to brush them, dry them or clip them that works for them not me. Most of all this means finding a connection, making a bond and earning the respect of a pet.

The most satisfying and rewarding moment of Holistic Grooming is the sincere eye stare, move in, nudge, little lick and wagging tail. The signs that the pet is truly okay with being groomed, and has made a trusting connection with you as a Groomer.

Holistic Grooming means giving it all you have, loving your career and loving each pet.

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