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  • Brianna Ellis

Holistic Journey - The Clipper

I barely have to write a blog about this one. The word clipper and holistic seem like they should not even go together, but they do.

A lot of pets are turned off by loud noises, peculiar things touching their bodies and most of all, strangers causing all of the above. I promise there is a light at the end of the tunnel with this grooming procedure and the answer is proper clipper use and a Holistic Grooming approach.

Making sure that you work on some of these harder procedures at home is important. Turning on a hair dryer, clipper/shaver, and vacuum all help with desensitizing your pet to the noises they will hear during grooming. The Groomer will focus on working with your pet over time and sessions to get them used to having a clipper on their body and getting shaved, but you have to do some of the work too.

People ask me a lot if the clipper hurts the pet, and I promise you it does not. As long as the clipper is maintained, blades are sharp, kept cool, and used properly your fur baby is perfectly fine. The pet feels a mild tickle or vibration running along parts of their skin but no pulling or burning of any kind. It is so important that the pet trusts their Groomer and feels comfortable putting themselves into positions that allow the groomer to properly groom them.

Grooming has to come from both sides, the dog and the Groomer. All the extra in between stuff takes time and patience from both the pet and the Groomer to adjust to each other. The clipper is not the enemy, it is a useful tool that everyone has to get their pet used to over time.

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