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  • Brianna Ellis

Don't Sweat the Little Stuff

Updated: Jul 7

Holistic Grooming means the comfort of your pet and their limits was put first. This means that a strand of hair could be out of place. The muzzle is not perfectly circular. The legs are not perfect cylinders and exactly even. You know your own pet and their limitations or anxieties so don't put the stress on your pet or your Groomer to get that particular need done.

Your pets need love, compassion, attention, guidance and companionship not a perfect powder puff groom to make them happy. Most of my clients request that their fur baby is in a functional or practical hair cut for whatever their habits and routines may be. If you hike with your pet daily through the bush, maybe a 2 inch kept puppy cut isn't the best choice for you? If your pet swims everyday and you don't have the time to dry them and brush them every time they are wet you probably don't want long thick fur that will matt.

In the end as long as your fur baby looks stylish, cute and functional, don't sweat the little parts of the groom that are too small to notice anyways. For some pets grooming can be very difficult and with Holistic Grooming we really don't want to make it worse, we want to work with the stress and make it easier for them.

Animals feed off our energy, body language, words and tones and if you are anxious and stressed, they feel it and will be too.

In the end let the dog be happy and destressed and you will be too.

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