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  • Brianna Ellis

How Come it Takes Me So Long?

Am I doing something wrong that my pet will not let me groom them, will not stay still like that, does not behave for me like that? Why does it take me forever to groom my pet and only takes you half the time?

These questions get mentioned to me ALL the time. There are three main explanations to these questions. One is equipment, the second is you are the ‘parent’ and the third is practice.

Equipment is the number one reason that it takes you longer to groom your pet than your Groomer. From the scissors to the dryer the equipment a Groomer uses is designed to Groom your dog or cat - that is what makes us efficient in what we do. The dryer is meant to cut the ‘dry time’ in half, the scissors are meant to cut fur/hair and not paper, and the brushes are meant to brush out different coat textures. All in all it has nothing to do most of the time with your technique, it is usually the equipment you are using.

Second the ‘parent’ theory that everyone easily forgets. When you take a child to the doctor or school, they are 90% of the time better for the doctor and teacher than they are for you. They act different for the teacher and doctor than they do for you, and most of the time that is better behaviour then what they display to you at home. This works the exact same for animals. Most of the time the pet is so much better behaved for the Groomer because they recognize the routine and what is going to be done to them. The Groomer is not the parent and the pets are aware that they can not get a way with the same things that they can with their parents. There is also a different bond between a Groomer and the pet verses the parent and the pet. This bond is more of a trust and respect that the Groomer and pet establish within time and practice.

Thirdly always remember that a Groomer has a lot of time behind those scissors. Meaning they have been working on different breeds, different styles, and different pets for months to decades! The more practice that anyone gets at their trade the better they will be. There are times that I am excited slash nervous to take on a breed I have not done in a long time because I do not have a muscle memory in my hands to just do the groom with my eyes closed like most.

It can be very challenging and very rewarding to be a Groomer but I can not imagine my life any other way. I love the connection and bond I have with animals; I love the reactions people have when their pet looks happy and all done up, and I love the challenge that comes with learning new skills everyday!

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