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  • Brianna Ellis

I cannot perform miracles.

All to often I get people asking me to make their dog look like a dog they saw on 'Youtube'. For starters many dogs that you see on there have been groomed once a week since they were a puppy. They are used to the process and understand that grooming is a good and relaxing experience. Secondly in order to get a certain style to your pet you need to maintain their coat at home before the Groomer can try and get the style you're looking for. Saying you want a puppy cut or just a trim on a matted dog, is like having dread locks and asking the hair dresser to give you Rapunzel like hair; it ain't gonna happen!

Every dog breed can use for a good brushing as this promotes healthy, shiny, and tangle free fur. Pretty much anything with a "Poodle" in it requires DAILY brushing, and about 15 minutes out of your day. This simple daily habit has so many benefits to your dogs comfort, reduces pain, and is actually a great bonding experience!

When fur/hair begins to tangle at the first stages we can usually brush those right out. But when the knots become worse and start to gather other surrounding hairs while clumping together and sticking to the skin, we call that 'matting or matts'. These can be extremely painful to a pet if you are trying to run a brush through them, they scratch them, lick them or lay on them. These matts cause the fur to become so hard and thick that the skin under neath can't breathe and the matt CAN ONLY be shaved off!

This leads us to the famous words of a Groomer, "we are going to have to shave them down, I'm sorry". Contrary to peoples belief this is a not a Groomer's way of being lazy and just wanting to shave all the hair off quickly. It's actually the only thing that can be done to your pet at this point because the fur has been neglected long enough for these matts to form.

Please always remember that your Groomer can not perform miracles on your pet without your involvement and helping to keep your pets hair healthy and maintained!

I often get clients asking me what type of brush they should be using on their pet and I love answering that question because it means the owner is wanting to be involved and educated!

For tips about which brush to use on your pets fur type, or what different tools do for getting out those pesky tangles; leave your question here!

Happy Grooming Everyone!

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