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  • Brianna Ellis

Just because you’re crazy doesn’t mean your pet is!

Throughout the hot summer days I have watched people walking their pets in the afternoon when the heat bugs are singing loud and clear and all the heat warnings imaginable are posted on the news. I don’t understand why people insist on pulling their animal to keep up to their pace when they are giving every signal in the world that they are too hot!

Pet’s just want to make us happy no matter what it puts them through and humans abuse this all the time. Learning to read the signs and symptoms of heat stroke in your pet is very important! When a dog begins dropping their head towards the ground, long tongue hanging out panting galore, frothing at the sides of the mouth, and slowing down their pace…this means STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING!

Next time you want to go out on a walk because you’re bored and its 30-40 degrees outside, do a couple tests before taking your pet with you:

-Put the back of your hand on the ground for 5 seconds and if you can’t hold it there – it’s TOO HOT TO WALK YOUR DOG!

-If you stand in the sun and feel the burning on your skin - any exposed part of your dog like their nose, muzzle and body (depending on fur length) is going to burn too

-If you feel the need to take off layers of clothes and put your hair up remember your pet can’t remove their fur it’s like wearing a winter coat outside (NO DON'T SHAVE OFF THE DOUBLE COAT THAT'S A WHOLE OTHER POST!)

-Make sure you carry water for your pet and not just yourself, every time you need to hydrate – your pet feels the same way

A lot of these points may seem like common sense, but the Veterinarian offices are seeing dogs coming in constantly due to heat stroke and blistered paws. Please be sensible when walking your pet and stay smart, hydrated and cool this summer with the hot weather! Happy Grooming!

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