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  • Brianna Ellis

Method to the Madness

Have you ever met up with someone and it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you saw each other you’re so excited with a million things to talk about? This is a similar situation when I arrive at a client’s house to do a groom and whether I am meeting a pet for the first time or simply returning to see a fuzzy friend, I talk to the pet from beginning to end!

Animals feel emotions just like us which means that when you are nervous, they are probably going to feel nervous. This is when you hear a lot of people say that they tried to do some home grooming, and it didn’t go so well. Most of the time the owner is not lacking a lot of skill but they are lacking confidence, they are silent and moving overly cautiously. But when you are confident, relaxed, and talking to the pet they calm right down and most of the time love the whole grooming experience.

I will talk a dog through the entire grooming process, from telling them what we are going to do next, reassuring them they are okay, singing, and rewarding them for good behaviour. If I can tell a dog is anxious, nervous or scared I will talk to them in a soothing tone, hum or even sing a relaxing song. If a pet is being silly splashing or having a fun time in the bath, I will encourage them to be happy and comfortable with the bathing process and splash back! If they are howling and singing to the sound of the dryer I continue to sing, talk and reassure them that I am not going anywhere and we will get through this. Cage dryers and loud sounds tend to scare pets but so does not hearing anything else. When I carry on talking through the drying process, pets tend to look at me as if they are trying to make out what I am saying over the other noise that scares them.

Just like kids’ pets love to be reassured of their good behaviour, good looks, and good decisions, but they do not know if you don’t tell them! It’s important to take advantage of tones and pitches with your voice and pay attention to the reactions from your pet to things you say or tones you make. This can really help comfort and relax your pet or get them going to be silly and have fun. Who cares if you look a little crazy talking to your animal because there is a method to the madness.

Happy Grooming

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