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  • Brianna Ellis

Take Your Groomer Seriously!

Have you ever called your doctor, dentist, hairdresser, or any profession for that matter and requested an appointment that day?

Have you ever gotten angry at your professional because they were not able to fit you in and this is somehow their fault? I simply ask because especially during this COVID time, this seems to be happening to Groomers a lot! I fully understand a client asking if I have a cancellation that day and can fit them in, however asking your Groomer to book an appointment because your pet desperately needs Grooming is not a fair request. This just makes the Groomer feel guilty knowing the animal needs their help but that you left it too long way passed when they are due for their grooming.

A few Groomers have been very insulted lately with their clients being under the assumption that being a Groomer is ‘easy’, or “how can you not have time to groom my dog, it doesn’t take long?” Let me be the first to educate you that if it is so easy to groom your dog, why aren’t you doing it? If you do not want it to take so long, then please help by maintaining the coat of your dog in-between grooms with proper brushing instead of assuming the Groomer can sprinkle some magic fairy dust that detangles your dog’s coat.

I think it is very rude and unfair to assume with any profession that you know how easy that job is or how long it should take to perform the task at hand. We need to respect each other and be thankful that we live in a society where there are professionals that are knowledgeable about their field and can help people when we need them. We are all good at different skills and please do not ever assume that your Groomer doesn’t have a buttload of training, certifications, schooling and millions of hours put in to be great at their skill.

Respect each other, that’s the moral of this blog.

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