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  • Brianna Ellis

What is Under There?

So far this season of Grooming has been more than the usual get rid of the Winter coat. This pandemic has created actual carpets of matting underneath the pet’s fur that can only be shaved out.

I fully understand when a client gets nervous wondering what their dog is going to look like without most of their fur but let me reassure you people – IT GROWS BACK!

I have been finding not only matts, burrs, sticks, leaves and hot spots, but recently I have been finding a lot of ticks attached to the skin of pets eating away at them. Do not be embarrassed, do not think you are a bad owner, and do not blame anyone. This is strictly the time of year as ticks and fleas come out with the nicer weather. Please take this time to make sure your pet has tick and flea prevention right away for this year and check them for ticks daily on walks!

If you find a tick on them, call your Vet right away and say that you need it

removed if you do not feel comfortable removing on your own.

You MUST MAKE SURE THE HEAD IS OUT not just the body. Sometimes this is better left to the professionals at the clinic.

Check your pet after walks especially in the prone areas which include under the pads of the feet, in between toes, around the bum and under tail, inside of the back legs, in arm pits, neck, inside/outside of ears (especially if floppy ears) and muzzle. You should give your pet a once over every night check to make sure they have not brought in any creepy critters.

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